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“You can’t help everyone. But, you can help someone.” – President Ronald Reagan

I was fortunate enough to meet President Reagan and hear him speak those words. I was inspired and with the help of many good people, I established Dino’s Charity Fund. Founded as a a 5019© (3) nonprofit organization 20 years ago, Dino’s Charity Fund was created to primarily spread holiday cheer by buying Christmas gifts for deserving and under privileged children in the town of Mashpee, where I live and operate Dino’s Sports Bar.

Over the years, Dino’s Charity Fund extended its reach into surrounding communities and expanded to help local families in need.

We have raised funds in many ways – from raffles, poker tournaments, and golf tournaments to the annual FREEZIN’ for a REASON campaign, led by Carl ‘Chili’ Cellana for 10 years. Chili would camp out on the roof over Dino’s Sports Bar in the cold December weather until we reached our financial goal. With the funds raised through that effort, volunteer “elves” would shop until they dropped, bringing back a bounty of toys, games, bikes and other Christmas presents to be gift-wrapped. Once all the presents were wrapped and tagged with Santa’s name, volunteers delivered the gifts to families who were not able to afford to buy presents for their child or children.

Over the past 20 years, Dino’s Charity Fund has helped over 2,500 children, 300 hundred families, and over 200 charity events.

In 2016, Dino’s Charity Fund took on a new mission in the wake of a tragic road-side accident that claimed the life of 13-year-old Jeremiah Smith. We have established Light the Way JS Fund with the goal of raising $100,000 to purchase and provide reflective apparel for every school-aged child on Cape Cod to help promote public safety on Cape Cod’s often narrow and dimly-lit roadways.

We have relied on the generosity of community-minded residents across Cape Cod for the past 20 years as many have donated their time, talents and treasure to light up the lives of our neighbors in need. We invite you to contribute so that we may to continue for another 20 years.

– Dino Mitrokostas