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Q: What is Light the Way JS Fund?
A: It is a new initiative of Dino’s Charity Fund, which was first established as a 5019© (3) nonprofit organization 20 years ago. The goal is to raise $100,000 to purchase and provide reflective apparel for every school-aged child on Cape Cod to help promote public safety on Cape Cod’s often narrow and dimly-lit roadways.

Q: What percentage of charitable donations will go to Light the Way JS Fund?
A: 100 percent. There is no staff employed by Light the Way JS Fund or Dino’s Charity. All events associated with the charity are organized and supported by volunteers.

Q: Can donations be submitted online?
A: Yes. Online Donations Coming Soon! Check back soon!

Q: How will your donation be used?
A: Every penny of your donation to the Light the Way JS Fund will go toward the purchase of reflective LED apparel (e.g vests, armbands, footwear, pet leashes). The apparel will be distributed to school-aged children across Cape Cod for free at various special events or upon request by school districts.

Q: If you would like to request an order for reflective apparel, who should you contact?
A: Dino at: